Weird Things that Must be Included in Your Bucket List

“Life is short, you must live to the fullest! Carpe Diem! “, this are just a reminder that you must do all the things that you wanted to do because we never know when will we fade away. When you knew that you already have a timer on your life you surely do also have things that you wanted to do before this time runs out. Things that are able to fill the emptiness, the missing puzzle in your life because you are eagerly want to experience and do the weird things that sparkled in your mind. If you still haven’t thought of the things that you wanted to do in your life this article will give you advice on what are some great things to do before dying.

Metal Roofing

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One of the weirdest and unique bucket lists that you should include is you should experience swimming with huge sea manta rays. Manta rays are a type of sea creature that is also call the butterfly of the sea which are very big and scary looking but when you meet them the total opposite will welcome you. Another thing that you must include is you should try to wrap a huge snake in your neck and feel like an amazon conqueror of the west. Or even touch a live big old tarantula that you seem to think of are harmful to you but the truth is they are just friendly as your dog

Indoor sky diving is also one of the dreams of many people who wanted to experience and who wants to feel what flying is without going 10 thousand feet above the ground and jump off. When you wanted also to swim under the deep blue ocean that are their always you should add scuba diving to you bucket list. If falling are also one of the things that excites you the most cliff climbing and cliff jumping may do satisfy your thing. Lastly if you wanted to have a great souvenir that even yourself want it to not stole it tattoo may do in the bucket list.

The best bucket list for me are not those you need to be pay for or something you should be doing just to satisfy your excitement. The best bucket list are those things that you share with the love of your life.